IT Consulting Services: A Support to Small Businesses

Small Businesses are like boats sailing in the ocean where keeping up the pace with current along with a safe and secure journey are of utmost importance. Technological advancements to top it off make this voyage all the more difficult. In such a critical scenario
IT Consulting Services act as a genie in a bottle and if they are properly explored can give a new edge to small businesses and take them to newer heights.

The serious challenges like hardware breakdown, software challenges, virus attacks, spyware, data storage etc. make the small businesses vulnerable to great losses. With a limited number of staff in hand and a small workstation where normal ergonomics couldn’t be observed, IT Support appears to be a distant measure yet an inevitable resource.

Thus, to ensure that the small business IT support services are always up and running, IT Services can be generally explored in the following three ways –

1)    Self- Managed IT Support – This means to hire an IT specialist in one’s own firm and then to pay him the salary along with all the other benefits as a regular employee. But it proves a costly affair.

2)    Outsourcing IT Support – This is another option to get expert and experience support but it is also an extravagant affair due to their charges on an hourly basis. Although its cost varies depending on the number of servers and desktops etc.

3)    Managed IT Support – With remote monitoring of small business, an information system is now available 24/7, 365. This option has become one of the more cost-effective and appealing choices among small business owners in today’s marketplace.

However, whichever method one chooses, the most common among all the technical problems are hardware and software issues. Retiring equipment after proper lifecycle, standardizing hardware components and updating software applications are some of the important aspects. Not only this, illegal software with spyware and malware along with poor backup strategy are also big threats to businesses. All these problems are addressed by highly competitive experts in their respective fields in the most courteous, dedicated and helping way.

These Consulting Companies deliver multiple types of customized services as per the requirement of the clients. Proper technology selection and an impressive website presentation providing an e-commerce facility which can take any venture to a sky-high elevation are one among them. Moreover, it relieves the owners of the trivia of maintaining the manual database rather their energy can be channelized in planning the core strategies for the further development of businesses. Small business IT support services rendered on time, specialized services in a cost-efficient and competitive way along with reduced runtime performance which ultimately leads to improving productivity.

Hence, IT Consulting Services in such situation act as a backbone and provide a road map of success by managing computer services, network services, and remote backup services for small businesses.

Does IT support provide Networking solutions?

Networking solutions and IT support offer IT services that meet your current requirements yet will evolve you as you do, helping you grow your business effectively to meet the future head-on.

Ever expanding business entities require a strong IT networking and support in order to keep employees productive wherever they are it in the office or out. IT Solutions for business have been designed especially to cater to the budgets and needs of growing businesses.

IT solution related to businesses; given by IT consultants not only helps in business development but also reduces the expenses to great extent. Computer network IT support enables you to respond rapidly to dynamic market demands and customer needs with security and reliability regarding fast accessibility from everywhere and anywhere you are running the business.

The technology you rely on is constantly evolving as are your business needs and demands. Your business needs an IT partner it can trust and depend on to keep your business constantly up and to help you maximize and leverage the benefits of technology.

Computer Network Solutions has been that partner in support services in an IT consulting since many years. While considering support services for IT consulting they believe that effective IT management requires a partnership between our team and yours. Our skilled team of engineers and help desk technicians works to build relationships with staff, take time to understand your business needs and assist in providing support in a timely and professional manner.

Computer network solutions have designed, implemented, and managed IT systems for organizations of all types and sizes across multiple market segments. IT has earned a reputation as an innovative and responsive IT managed services firm that has successfully served the financial, healthcare, accounting, legal, and consulting sectors for nearly two decades.

They want you to spend your time focusing on your core business, not your technology. To accomplish this, we take the time to fully understand your business needs so we can provide customized, tailored solutions and solid, reliable IT that can scale as you do.

Infrastructure includes-

  • Network Design & Build
  • Database Development & Migration
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Cloud Solutions & Office 365
  • Network Security Solutions
  • Virtual Servers Environments

Services include-

  • 24x7x365 Help Desk Support & Network Monitoring
  • Cloud-Services
  • Fully Outsourced or “Co-Managed” IT Services
  • 24x7x365 Network Monitoring
  • IT Procurement


  • Solutions regarding storage of mass data
  • Integrating emails internally and externally
  • Design and implementation of Local Area Network
  • Designing and implementation of internet connectivity
  • Network security including firewalls are designed and implemented
  • Allowing inter-office connectivity through branch office infrastructure
  • Remote homes and offices being catered by Remote Access Configuration
  • Various backup techniques from basic systems back up to entire business plans

Smart homes: How AI and robotics can make home living more exciting

Over the last several years, home automation has gained a very strong following worldwide, with the United States being the largest market accounting for around 62% of global deliveries back in 2015.

From lighting to household appliances, people have been attracted to the innovation of automating it as long as it can connect to the internet, more so that it makes your day to day appliances smarter and more responsive.

Smart devices that drive the ‘brains’ behind automating your home are becoming more affordable and available in the consumer market. You don’t have to be an IT consulting expert to set-up your home automation system because all you need is an application downloaded to your smartphone or tablet device to get you going.

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things or IoT refers to products or objects that are equipped to connect and identifiable through digital networks. This lets your coffee machine make you a nice cup of espresso at a given time and responds back to you to tell when it’s ready.

With artificial intelligence incorporated in the systems, it takes smart operations to a whole new level by making it less intrusive, with less time and effort to manage your smart home programming. All of which are manageable without complicated processes, but you can always take advantage of the services that can be provided by a reliable network support company.

What makes it so popular? Simple, the technology makes daily living convenient and more relaxing for everyone.

Smarter and more practical
The applications for smart home technologies have been far-reaching and dynamic. Here are very good examples of smart home appliances;

  • Garbage receptacles or trash cans that monitor the things which get into it, such as regular disposable items. These smart systems keep track of your disposal patterns to alert you if you need to re-stock or replace.
  • Refrigerators that make meal recipes based on the current contents in its shelves and freezer. It also monitors the quality of food stored and alerts you of best before dates.
  • Washing machines that send out text alerts or notifications when the wash or drying cycle is done.

Available options to install
There are a lot of options today to help you get started with smart home applications and the market is awash of these technologies.

Many homebuilders have also taken on the trend and have included smart home automation devices during the home building process. According to home industry research group Regan, around 60% of home builders are qualified to apply home automation features into their projects.

With the right tools and ideas for smart home automation, you could be on your way to having your ideal smart home in no time.