is pleased to announce the contest winners for our Down With DRM video contest. We had a lot of great entries, and want to thank *all* of the participants for their submissions. They
’ve all contributed greatly to raising awareness in the fight against DRM.
The winners will all receive a Neuros OSD digital video recorder.

Data from an implanted device can be shared with the patient, doctors, and family.

A smart-phone app under development for heart-failure patients allows them to keep track of the pressure inside their heart as measured by an implanted sensor.
That data could help patients adjust their medication to maintain a healthy pressure, much as diabetics do with insulin and blood sugar readings.

Social media, Wi-Fi gadgets and a sense of shame keep people motivated.

A few days into the new year and most of us are already beginning to waver in our earnest resolve to skip dessert, hit the gym every morning, and finish War and Peace. It’s a well-known phenomenon that recurs every year and that economists have formalized into a theory called hyperbolic discounting.

Does Graham Nash (yeah, that Graham Nash … from Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young) really own the world’s largest scanner? His company was featured on an in-flight entertainment show (USA 3000) this month, and the show made the point of stating that they had the biggest scanner in the world … alas, they were not allowed to record it for broadcast.

Major improvements have been made in memory (bumped up to 1GB) and storage (doubled to 40GB). The UX280 UX280P is “Windows Vista”™ Premium Ready, Edge, WiFi and Bluetooth are built right in, and expansion is a breeze with the included port replicator. Mobile devices are continuing to expand, and we will be covering some of our favorites from this year within a couple of weeks. Until then, get on your mobile device and play at Shame they didn’t go the Duo-Core route. The price is a whopping $1999.

Welcome to the world of Gainward, a world beyond your senses! And as of that moment all talks have been around DirectX 10, because the new GeForce 8 series are really for the next level in gaming. During all our benchmarks the GTS kept on humming stable with no hickups to finally set the top speed at 650/2000MHz. Would you have thought so?

While the world soldiers on to treat and purify our tap water, let’s face it — they’re not doing a real bang-up job. One of our favorite pieces of technology is the mobile device. It allows us to be on the go, read books, keep up with people, and even play online casino games.
If they were, we’d all still be drinking straight from the faucet instead of mounting water filters and buying bottled H20. But you’ve noticed the difference, don’t like the way that tap water looks or tastes, and have decided to do right by your body and consume the cleanest water possible. Here’s the thing: your hair and skin are just as delicate as the rest of you and would LOVE the same level of TLC.

Shammi Kapoor Unplugged – Episode – 24 – She Was 9 And I Was 19 When I Met Neila For The First Time. The day of January 26, 1969 stays vividly etched in Shammi Kapoor’s memories. It was on that night that he proposed to Neila Devi – on phone! And they got married the very next day! Watch Shammiji as he recalls his first meeting with a pig-tailed, nine year old girl and how he married her years later. Log on to to watch more Web Shows.

Today at the Geneva Motor Show Toyota unveiled the Hybrid-X concept, which is supposed to give the world a hint at the new design language for future Toyota hybrid vehicles. Presumably that means that what we see here will be reflected in the next generation Prius when it comes out next year. Lots of great pictures, with more to come.

Gamer Euphoria staff member Sean writes:

”Its quite staggering how the Lego video games have increased in popularity throughout the years. What started off as a novelty has now become something of power house franchise. Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes sticks to the familiar formula while showing off a bit more flair and creativity. Is the Lego franchise running out of steam, or is Lego Batman 2 taking things to the next level?

The most obvious addition to the follow up to 2008s Lego Batman is the inclusion of other DC heroes and villains. Youd be forgiven for thinking this is a cheap attempt to freshen up things between the first and second game, however youd be wrong.”